Teaching The Meaning Of Nothing

I’m learning to teach

teaching to learn

trying to learn to teach

learning by doing the least

amount of teaching

letting the students learn from themselves

more teaching means less learning

teaching gets in the way of letting the student learn

but not always

nothing is always

sometimes I gotta step in and teach

so the student can learn from their mistakes

they can’t learn if they don’t know they’re making them

and it’s time to teach the correct form

remembering the best form of teaching

is no teaching at all.


8 thoughts on “Teaching The Meaning Of Nothing

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      I teach English as a Second Language. I also teach myself Spanish as a second language. I’m better at English, though, both as teacher and student.

      1. lamehousewife

        lol…I am getting into the teaching program to teach English. I would be happy to hear any advice you have for me as I begin this new adventure….Blessings!

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        The most important part of teaching is wanting to teach. Enjoy the adventure! And while teaching, don’t be a dictionary. Teach vocab by asking students questions leading them to the new word. For example, you’re teaching the word: erode. Tell them Mt Everest used to be 8844 meters, but is now 8844 meters then ask what happened? Then lead them to say: The mountain eroded.

  1. Steven Myers

    if the administration higher ups are keeping a close eye on a teacher’s tactics,
    chances are he or she is doing something right
    like making bongo drums out of pickle buckets and sneaking students off to the lake
    or some such variation.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Nothing worth learning can be taught in a classroom, I tell students. Then tell them they didn’t learn it here. It’s difficult to teach students to think for themselves, especially if they rebel against you, and want you to give them the right answers all the time.


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