Because It`s There

Dozens tried and dozens died trying to mount her

George Mallory gave his life to reach her heights

let’s hope he at least got close enough to taste his dream

before he fell without a scream

and his soul took flight

like a flock of sparrows

setting souls alight

like meteors

shooting like arrows

and satellites

orbiting this glow

this warmth like hunger

that burns in the number

of those who know the thirst to know

the taste of the top of the earth

and how much that is worth

and suddenly Everest is the new Disneyland

and everybody gets a ride

taking pictures, Mickey Ears and sand as souvenirs

until the entire mountain is laid to waste

by those who scaled her because she was the highest

now Mount Everest can finally rest

buried in the pockets of her conquerors

and the sand boxes of their children

who make castles out of her crumbs

and when they grow up

they will look down to a new kingdom come

when K2 becomes the new number one.

4 thoughts on “Because It`s There

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  2. bellesogni

    Sigh… That’s the sad thing about gravity, what goes up, must come down even if it’s helped by a few kicks here and there.


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