Crossing the Rubicon

Every minute

every second

we are crossing the Rubicon

to march on the future

though once you’re thirty

you hate every birthday

and though we are generals of our own lives

we are not the Emperor

and so we have no control

of our heroes or horses

to get them to pull up

and drink from the river

instead of forging it

cause even though we think we know

what is waiting for us

on the other side

we fear


from nothing to something from




and everything in between

a dream that stays with us

stalking us from midnight to midday

so much so

that even atheists have to admit

they don’t feel its existence

cause if God doesn’t exist

they wouldn’t have to argue against Him

(or Her, or, it, or whatever pronoun or preposition you feel comfortable with)

cause no other group defines themselves by what they don’t believe

I don’t believe in a fourth primary color

doesn’t mean I color myself in its absence

we all get the reds, yellows

we all get the blues

we see yellow and blue giving birth to green

we don’t see a need to define the colors we do not see

just like we can’t walk backwards in time

the blues of the Rubicon don’t run in a straight line

yet still it finds the green sea.


4 thoughts on “Crossing the Rubicon

  1. granbee

    Drinking from the Rubicon–perhaps the best way to determine its “true colors”? In other words, immerse yourself in this life God has given you!


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