First Time Deja Vu

You ever had deja vu

(didn’t you already ask me this?)

I’m not sure

you tell me

I beg you

to show me a picture of you when you are older

I’m sick of looking at pictures of people when they are younger

always stuck in the now

the promise of the future never fulfilled

no matter how much we watch the watch

and no matter how much the hands wring our wrists

you can’t get blood from a stone

and now is drowned in the tides of time

and the gravity of gravity is that it never gives up

no matter how much it sucks

we are pinned to its whim

and still we learned to fly.

2 thoughts on “First Time Deja Vu

  1. bellesogni

    “…and still we learned to fly.”

    What a nice gift first thing in the morning. A smile with hope. Thank you.


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