Beauty, Thy Name Is Woman

The science that we leave around

the chemistry we hope gets picked up

in the blink of an eye by the simplest of biology

in the shape of woman

wrapped in earth and sky

yet, it is this woman who illuminates all

with my eye drawn only to her

as she emerges from the surf like Venus

or Ursula Andress in the first Bond movie

the earth and heavens have no chance against a woman like this

and neither do I

as I mumble ‘hi’ as she walks past

to rendez vu with her beach towel

leaving me to write poetry to a woman

whose name I don’t know well enough to spell.


12 thoughts on “Beauty, Thy Name Is Woman

  1. lamehousewife

    That is awesome! I love it! I think I will make a link to it this Friday. Is that okay? It will be a bright light in all the other stuff I have.

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