When The Buddha Learned To Surf

What’s the one thing you don’t know that you most want to know?

That’s a key question for me

out of all secrets hiding under the rocks of outer space

what is the one you most want to turn over?

For me this question is as constant as Niagara Falls

flowing from my moods and needs

right now, I guess my one question would be:

what’s next?

I guess this is what’s next

sitting here writing these words

you reading them now

is literally what’s next since I asked my one question to the universe

it’s not really the answer I was hoping for

but, it’s an honest answer

though hardly profound

I’m throwing rocks down black holes over here

listening for the splash

I feel like I’ve entered the Afterlife before

and it just spat me back out

body surfing the milky way

souls playing upon the tide pools of stars.


7 thoughts on “When The Buddha Learned To Surf

  1. granbee

    Writing poetry often takes me on the other side of the veil, as well, dear Peter! Then, I get up from the keyboard and get shoved back out into the glare of modern American life, to test the traveling suit constructed on my poetic flights among the galaxies!


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