I Don’t Need Need

I need nothing I’ve never had before

and most of what I’ve had

don’t need that either.

I don’t need need

I desire not to desire

a rich Buddhist makes a poor Buddhist

I’d make a better atheist

except God gets in the way.

He made me

He made me need

though I’m duped to think

I make the need myself.

Somewhere between the sacrilege and the sacrament

I’m playing hide and seek with God

and if Marx was right

(Karl and Groucho)

religion is the opium of the masses

and either God is dead or my watch has stopped

till I remember even dead

a broken watch is right twice a day.


5 thoughts on “I Don’t Need Need

  1. Steven Myers

    even the snake cursed to roam the dusty trails not because roaming is a curse, but because there’s so much dirt and the snake will never need to ask for any…that’s the curse of too much self reliance…yes…even the snake would probably enjoy the irony in this post and slide back for more.


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