Enter Title Here

How life flows

in whirlpools

and eddies

the earth as she goes in circles

we pretend not to know

walking in straight lines

over a dizzying globe

round and round we go

where she stops nobody knows

though the show must go on

even though we don’t know the next line

mapping out the universe

one star at a time

naming our solar system

after a chocolate bar

naming spaces

so far

we’ve never known

is our only hope

that we can conquer all

just by naming it

it becomes manageable


able to be tamed



as we believe

being a chef or a blacksmith gives us the authority to try alchemy

as we turn the stars upside down

just by standing on our heads

and looking up

all the while

we see

the frown of the horizon

turn into a smile.


7 thoughts on “Enter Title Here

  1. granbee

    MUCH better to stand on our heads to view this goofy world today, Peter! (Still would LOVE to know what you think of my “terrapin” posts over at my blog, dear man!)


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