Counting to Infinity

I’m counting to infinity

what a waste of time

I’m trying to transcend me

grounded by my own lies.

It would be so easy

to give up the fight

if I didn’t believe I can see

between the wrong and the right.

It’s so easy for me to see everything

when I close my eyes

in the darkness of conscience

I cannot hide.

I lose sight of a promise

with my eyes open wide.

I’m devoured by my own appetite

wanting to devour everything in sight.

And it’s amazing for me to believe in karma

but spin through life like it can’t catch me.

Still, I’m counting to infinity

I’m about halfway there.

I’m straining to see what’s waiting for me

beyond the glare.

Perhaps that’s my problem right there,

always counting on the future

when I need to better right here right now

nightmares stare through this light

to rest on this page to beg

me to see it’s time to post this poem

and call it a night

and put myself at the mercy

of my memories and dreams.

5 thoughts on “Counting to Infinity

  1. Steven Myers

    i guess the earth only beats in this moment
    and it’s rare to tap into that sound,
    but i can’t think of anything more worthwhile.

    i sort of rememember trying to count to infinity
    and never being able to grasp what the impossibility of it signified,
    and yet something sparked from not being able to figure out that feeling..
    you kinda put a finger on it right here.

  2. granbee

    I am hurting for you, Peter! Memories and dreams do seem to take over more and more the older we get, I am finding! (PLEASE visit my blog, okay?)


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