The Gay Agenda

Today is the Gay Pride parade in Toronto. It’s also Canada Day. There is no parade for Canada in Toronto. If a foreigner was to get off a plane today knowing it was Canada Day, and they were to go downtown, they would think Canada celebrates its birthday by being the gayest country in the world. You go to the United States on July 4th, and every town has a parade with marching bands, veterans, firemen. There are firemen in the Gay Pride parade, but, they’re mostly naked.

Today if you were to walk down my street naked, the police would stop you and say, “What are you doing walking down the street naked alone? Get in the parade and walk past a million cheering people, or I’ll give you a ticket for exposing yourself in public!”

I’ve written before how flattered I get when people think I’m gay. I’m not gay, but, I wish I were. I think it would make me more interesting. Probably get me to clean up my apartment and start wearing matching socks. I know being gay is not a choice, cause I choose to be gay, but, it still doesn’t make me want to make out with a dude. Being gay is like a talent, you’re either born with it, or you’re not.

I respect the gay community and how far they’ve come in such a short time. Let’s go over the time line:

1968:  Trudeau declares:  ‘The government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation’, making homosexuality sexually legal.

1970s:  Being gay is no longer classified as a psychological disease.

1980s:  First Gay Pride Parade in Toronto.

2000s:  Same sex marriage becomes legal.

The gay community has gone from committing the sex crimes of the criminally insane, to full legal status in less than 40 years. With that kind of progress, what’s next? In forty more years all new Canadians will have to try homosexuality once in order to get into the country.

“I’m sorry, but, according to our records you haven’t even tried kissing another man. Citizenship denied. Go back to your country, kiss a guy, then you can try again.”

Then, one day, it will be illegal to be straight. All remaining straight people will be forced into straight labor camps where they will be tortured if they show any heterosexual tendencies. This would make a great movie. The trailer for the movie would go:

In a world manipulated by the All Powerful Gay Agenda, where being straight is a crime punishable death, two lovers risk everything to fall in love.

“I love you Billy.”

“I love you, Sally, but they’ll kill us if they hear us.”

“Why must our love be a crime? If it’s a crime to love you, then, I am guilty.”

Foxlight Pictures brings you a film that will make you gay if you don’t see it.

Planet of the Gays, taking over a cinema near you.


6 thoughts on “The Gay Agenda

  1. Jay

    Hi there!
    I am one of the firefighters that was in the 2012 Toronto Pride Parade. I can assure you that we were all dressed and never as so much removed our shirts! The parade as far as I saw, had a number of fire trucks, but only one was staffed with Toronto firefighters. The others were privately owned or sponsored by businesses and merchants and had their own set of rules (or lack of) to abide by. We all had fun. I’m sure most attending had fun. So the nuts and bolts of what I am getting at is that saying we as firefighters were “mostly naked” was not correct or fair.

    Otherwise, thanks for the informative article and best of luck always.


  2. granbee

    Peter, some times it would seem this is happening in L.A., NYC, and a few other major cities in the U.S. of A.! I really admire the way Canada has improved with regard to equality for gays, but I also admire the rollicking way you project us into a future where us heterosexuals are the outcasts! No body can project these exaggerations in swinging social pendulums as well as you do, dear Peter (And PUH-LEASE let me know what you think of my latest post. I truly NEED your special perspective on this part of the critterly journey, with the quarrels and misperceptions arising there. PLEASE, PRETTY, PLEASE!


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