Unless The Buddhists Are Right

If you were to look through a high powered microscope

at the heart of man

you would see

our atoms are round

like the world is round

as we spin in circles

on this merry-go-round

circumnavigating the sun

this is why history repeats itself

this is why we bump into people

we run in circles

we’re running back to the sea

sun babies flocking to the beach

needing to be next to big bodies of water

eighty percent of our body wanting to go home

though we mostly just lie on our towels on the sand

and listen to the waves come crashing in

so close to the next splash in evolution

yet so far away

afraid of jumping in

though knowing we’ll never grow gills on our necks

to breathe properly under the sea

unless we jump in and learn to breathe

this will mean the first few will drown

and lest we forget

but yes we will

sure, we know Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space

but can you name the four cosmonauts who died trying to reach the stars before him?

and who’s to say they didn’t?

where are they now is anybody’s best guess

if everything is circular

then old souls live in new digs

and maybe

just maybe

we are both born from the spirits of two of those brave souls

who got into the capsule knowing no one had ever come back alive

unless the Buddhists are right

then all those dead cosmonauts came back alive



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