The Afterbirth of a Dream

There are dreams I see awake

though I know they are just what I make


conceived to deceive

yet I can’t shake from memory

these dreams of me sinking at sea

or flying over all I can see

I awake clinging to moonbeams

while sweet dreams

melt like sugar in coffee




leaving a salt stain on my pillow

I wish I could know

what secret message I’m trying to tell me

obviously I have something important to say to me

as I speak through sleep

of a life I never knew I knew

drawn from abstracts I never drew

splashed like drool across the pillow

and when I awake I swear I can taste

the ocean that carried these bottled messages

across the stream of subconsciousness

out into the ocean encased

between the shores that night erased.

12 thoughts on “The Afterbirth of a Dream

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      This is how life works: Herbie Hancock plays on many great albums, including my favorite: Bitches Brew but he’s best known for his pop hit. Life is pop music but less catchy.

      1. Steven Myers

        the thing about rock it was the shock it sent through pop culture as no one had ever heard or thought of scratching. the rest was is a new story called –wolfman jack can’t get by on just a cigar voice.

  1. Steven Myers

    i seen herbie in concert. he was all suit coat and tie..
    real smug
    and then he paused and reached into the piano innards
    and started plucking.
    i guess the people who came expecting to hear bitches brew started bitching.
    my favorite herbie tune is ‘hang up your hang ups”
    but favorite is always subject to change.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing the great Hancock in concert. But, if he’s good enough for Miles Davis, he’s great enough for me.

      1. Steven Myers

        i know nothing about musical intervals and cleff notes and bass lines and yadddda yaddda, but people who played with davis, monk, coltrane, sanders all say that it was sun ra who reached a previousy unknown place in composition. all i can say is that sun ra’s music literally inspires a strange and elusive feeling of joy and he was not comercially accepted so he wasn’t distracted by lust for fame and as a result recorded thousands of songs that are still being released long after his return to saturn where he believed he was from. but eccentricities aside….he was and is the simpe sound of joy and wow…what a sense of sarcasm/humor/irony.

  2. Steven Myers

    i’m not in the habit of pushing bands or books onto others, but sun ra puts the crusader in me.
    i’m only kidding, but he really was up to something significant. there is no sun ra starter kit, so this song can be a port of entry like any kinda encapsulates his name “Ra” in that ra was a sun g-d to egypt and simultaneously means evil in the hebrew language. these opposites he integrated in his poems and music and the chants….my goodness…so seductive. anyway i’ll stop there because i’ll start gushing.

      1. Steven Myers

        excellent and the dancing to many tunes is a great way to describe his contribution(s).
        one of the more fascinating collaborations sun ra ventured into was his arkestra and the heavy sounding mc5.

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