Tattoos in the Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear

I don’t get certain tattoos

I’ve never gotten a tattoo

never plan to

though I know

it’s not my business who gets what tattooed where

I shouldn’t care

if someone wants to write his girlfriend’s name on his chest above his heart

in love and tattoo all is fair

or if someone wants to write verse and chapter of their favorite bible part

John 3:16 as arm art

that’s their scar to bear

yet, I had to scratch my head

when I saw a woman with not just John 3:16 tattooed on her back,

but, John 3:16 – 43

followed by all the words

seems easier just to get an ipad app

and it would be easier to read than off her back

I mean, who is this tattoo for?

The woman wearing it can only read it

if she takes her shirt off and looks backwards at a mirror at it

obviously today at the beach she meant it for all to see

to come to the beach and expose her religious beliefs

in her bikini

in her body

she rarely shares with the rest of the world

she obviously feels very deeply about these words

so much so she had them inked into her skin for forever

an intimacy no bible could ever forgive her

I wonder if she walks around with a sandwich board in December

and hands out flyers and prayers

or does her Christianity get sad in the dead of winter

when it is so cold you can’t even resurrect Jesus

and she realizes she’s a Taoist Buddhist

at least until Easter.

6 thoughts on “Tattoos in the Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear

  1. Steven Myers

    i’ll put all my marbles on her being the one
    as in the one who smelt the fart–dealt it..
    them bumper sticker christians with the
    “g-d is the pilot….i’m just a passenger.”
    holy hypocrisy….their hotter than hell to do some sinning
    and shouting out loud at themselves
    and since everybody and their cousin has a tattoo these days,
    well…i’m thinking tattoo removal might be a decent back alley racket.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      My favorite bumper sticker is: I Break For Jesus. It makes me smile thinking that the driver runs over everyone else. This is the message of Jesus: run over everyone else but me.

  2. granbee

    Leave it to you, dear, dear Peter to have a tatooed Christian bikinied woman become a Buddhist in the cold midwinter! Says a lot about “fair weather” beliefs to me!

  3. Betty Hayes Albright

    Peter, Peter, Peter! I’ve missed reading so many of your poems – hoping to catch up eventually. I loved this one – sad in some ways but had to smile too at your usual observations of irony and absurdity. (Yes, why doesn’t she just get an ipad app?) 🙂


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