Pizza Pizza and The Miracle of Jesus

An entire stadium can be fed on just one more strikeout

suddenly our empty stomachs are more important than bases loaded

and we’re rooting for the food more than the strikeout

and the pitcher is Jesus

and the pizza is loaves and fishes

and the fans are the hungry masses

forgetting that we came to the game

this church, our stadium

because we all believe in Abner Doubleday`s dogma

though Doubleday did not invent the game

like Jesus was never a Christian

so now the message of coming home has been lost

cause it’s the seventh inning and baseball’s a long game and we’re all hungry

and it’s hard to convert the hungry

and Pizza Pizza knows this

and they give out free slices every Friday and Sunday

from the eve of the Sabbath to the Christian day of worship

smart marketing associating a key seventh inning strikeout to their pie in the sky

and pepperoni slices

and Jays pitcher, Jason Fraser

gets the seventh strikeout and suddenly the masses rejoice

but it has nothing to do with the ceremony of the game

and everything to do with getting free pizza

and now with the promise of a full stomach

we can all get back to the worship of baseball.


4 thoughts on “Pizza Pizza and The Miracle of Jesus

  1. Steven Myers

    jesus shoulda been marketed as a pitcher instead of a hippy
    and strippers should hold sandwich boards announcing the inning and the free pizza..
    the jays could then sign whoever they want.
    —in veeck we trust.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      I bet Jesus would be a lefty. He’d come in from the bullpen to save the game. His theme song would be Ave Maria.
      Veek was a hell of an owner. And if his claim of trying to break the color barrier before Branch Rickey, then he should be the lead character in the next biopic penned by Aaron Sorkin.


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