Digging Up the Time Capsule

Twenty-five years ago my grade six class was asked to write what we expected to be

in the year 2012 and put it in a time capsule

I went back for the school’s 100th anniversary

the school is called Courcelette

named after a battle in World War One where several men from the neighborhood

got killed in action

there is a painting at the front door depicting the battle of Courcelette

soldiers on both sides fighting, killing, dead, or dying

in close combat

twenty-five years later I found myself again staring at the painting

remembering the feeling

being a student here

putting myself in the picture

fighting like hell to grow up

tossing a grenade at the enemy

I have deadly accuracy with grenades

however, apparently not with predicting my future

cause according to eleven year old me

I’m supposed to win the American League MVP and the Cy Young Award

apparently Justin Verlander has stolen my life

over half my class showed up to this reunion

none of my classmates predicted their future correctly

and no one consoled anyone at the death of their childhood dreams

not even the class bully picked on Zoe Blenders for predicting that in the year 2012

she would be running the World Bank

Zoe works as a cashier at IGA


who am I to laugh?

Sure, I’m still playing baseball

but beer league, not the American League

still, it’s better than being stuck in that painting

removed from reality from the generation that only knows war through X-Box

and Steven Spielberg movies

wondering if in the future there will be schools named after twenty-first century wars

Like The War on Drugs High School

or, The War on Terror Middle School

I’m going to write my prediction for what I’ll be in the next twenty-five years

and bury it in my flower garden.

Come back in 2037 and see if I got any closer.


2 thoughts on “Digging Up the Time Capsule

  1. granbee

    Hey,Peter, maybe your predictions will fertilize some really wonderful blooms in your garden to bring joy and pleasure to a future sixth-grader!


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