Called Due to Rain

It’s up to the weather

if I will play baseball today

if the sky doesn’t open up a can of thunder and lightening

I’ll be taking the hill armed only with a glove, cap and ball

to mow down my opponents.

The air is turning leaden

darkening the hope of playing the game

I play a fair weather sport

unlike football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, marathon running,

baseball cannot be played in the pouring rain

I love a sport that is ruled by the clouds

what does that say about me

what does this say about the cosmos

that even in this chemical equation called the universe

there are variables beyond our control

that we must accept as part of the game

though it’s always ninety feet from home to first

and it’s sixty-feet, six inches to the pitcher’s mound

sometimes it rains on Saturday

and sometimes it doesn’t.


6 thoughts on “Called Due to Rain

  1. Steven Myers

    freaking domes.
    such cerporate balogni.
    pisses me off.
    rain delays at night games, as you probably know
    used to extend into the AM hours and that’s when wierd shit happened
    both on the field and under the bleachers.

      1. Steven Myers

        in my sand grain opinion, domes are for old age homes and the murder of double headers so money can be made on 5 dollar fries 162 times per year.

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        Your opinion is always most welcome. I read you with the markups going on under the dome. I can get a much better 3$ hotdog from the vendor outside the dome than the 10$ gourmet dog found inside.

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