The Monster Under Your Bed

To anticipate fear is worse

than fear itself.

Heroes are heroes

because they acted

in spite of fear.

I’m afraid

I have nothing more to say.

Still the monster in my head demands to be fed

more words

no matter their meanings

but I`m a sucker for meaning

so I face this monster

armed only with a pen

holding it out to the darkness

like Ichiro Suzuki pointing his bat at the pitcher

a challenge

en garde!

knowing this pitcher throws a mean curveball

and a fastball screaming in at over 100 miles per hour

still, Ichiro greets every pitcher the same way

bat raised as a sword to the swashbuckling pitcher

even if Ichiro has hit him every time

or he has never hit him before

each challenge, each pitcher is met with the same respect

and though Ichiro is a career .324 hitter

meaning he fails more than sixty-five percent of the time

he is still great

one of the greatest hitters ever

fearless to the fastball

fearless to the curve

regardless if he`s ever hit it before.


11 thoughts on “The Monster Under Your Bed

  1. Steven Myers

    makes that humber perfect game against seattle in need of an asterik.
    * with ichiro in the lineup

    and how awful has humber been since his big day?
    really awful.
    you’re right.
    life of a mosquito…one day..that’s all we get.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Drawing on Humber’s perfect game to reflect upon the life of a mosquito is pretty clever, man. Had Phillip Humber retired right after his big game, he could have always thought of perfection and not the mediocrity he has been tossing out since.

  2. granbee

    And fearless you are, Peter, with pointing your pen so boldly at every word challenge! You hit it out of the park and bounce it off my ol’ head quite often. Ouch and hooray for new inspirations!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Louise! Thank you. Next time I’ll try tossing some cricket jargon your way. Being Australian, I’d figure you’d catch that, huh? This poetry can be quite the sticky wicket.

  3. Betty Hayes Albright

    Peter, it’s so cool to have Ichiro come up in one of your poems, since he plays in my home town. I don’t keep track of baseball, but Ichiro is always in the news and Seattle loves him! 🙂 Another great poem!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Betty! Ichiro is a unique player. I hope you have had the opportunity to see him live in the beautiful city of Seattle, so you can say: ‘I saw Ichiro.’ You have a wonderful city, with a wonderful player in Ichiro Suzuki.


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