Five Seasons in Haiku

Snow melts into rain

flowers bust out like convicts

breaking through the mud.


Like flowers we rise

open naked to the sun

summer sets us free.


Fall. We do, we fall

in love with the vibrant leaves

falling to the ground.


Snow covers the leaves

death wears white, not black

like Hindu widows.


Even Death must die

in this Renaissance of Spring

we all live again.


4 thoughts on “Five Seasons in Haiku

  1. granbee

    I really loved you “closing the circle” from winter back to winter, making this a five season haiku set. Life really is a circle, a wonderful circle to enfold us if we allow it to do so!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! Thank you for seeing the poem`s cyclical nature. I appreciate that you read that it starts and ends with Winter. I read a different season, but, it doesn`t mean either of us are more right. If everyone read the poem the way I saw it in my head, I`d stop writing poetry and start writing `How To` manuals.

  2. Betty Hayes Albright

    Peter, once again I’m so far behind in blog reading! I’m enjoying these lastest poems of yours and wishing I had time to leave longer, more thoughtful comments. Just know that when I “like” a poem it means I really love it! 🙂

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Betty! Thank you for your comments, always. I appreciate all your visits to my site, and hope you feel no pressure to give more than you so generously give. I know what it’s like to write, live and comment on others’ sites. If a day was the length of a week, maybe I could get some real work done.


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