Bases Are Empty, The Batter Is Loaded

I went shopping at the inspiration store

but it was closed.

So I went to the beer store and wrote this instead

now I’m surrounded by empties

but I’m good and loaded

trading Tuesday night for Wednesday morning

this goes out to those who mine their minds for one more word

one more word to turn their entire creative forces into an army

to invade grey matter

and make it matter on the page

like a fielder coming out of left field charging hard

to make a shoe string catch to the save the game

only to see the ball drop in front of their glove

and roll all the way to the warning track

and there’s no sense looking back

the game is lost

so he runs in to the dugout

with the faith he’ll get em tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Bases Are Empty, The Batter Is Loaded

  1. granbee

    I can certainly see how that fielder missing the ball just barely is very much like an inebriated writer just barely missing the perfect line/word to complete a narrative poem! I write sober and get drunk on my own fantasies, so it happens to me, too–as I flop on my belly stretching out my glove in vain in the dust of pre-dawn!


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