Assassinating Stars

We’re assassinating the stars with our eyes

these celestial bodies are disintegrating into ashes

as seven billion sets of eyes draw awe from them

like if you take my photo you steal my soul

simply by seeing we are absorbing

we are our environment

externally, internally

we see the world that surrounds us

in our mind’s eye

if we close our eyes

we can still see

if we close our minds

we can see nothing

even with eyes open wide

but, what can we do to save the stars?

Should we agree to never look at them again?

Let all the space travel

all doodling in constellations

be done in the frontier of our minds

where we can have breakfast on Mars, lunch in a Starbucks in Uranus and supper in the fourth dimension

and be back in time to sleep cozy in our beds

eyes shut tight

below the moon’s glow

with the stars safe within us.


13 thoughts on “Assassinating Stars

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Betty! Thank you for generously lending my words your eyes. Unlike the stars, you help give life to words that wait for someone kind as you to recuscitate them.

  1. Steven Myers

    what is all the fuss about pollution? one side of a sandwich board points fingers and the other says this is a spiriitual journey.
    assassinating stars as a nice remedy…close the eyes and dream up new universes.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      This is a poem written by an ostrich if an ostrich could write poems. You don’t like what you see? Maybe the world looks better looking into it rather than out at it.

      1. Steven Myers

        there was a burger joint cashier. he was truly larger than java the hut and instructing the stressed out line to close their eyes and breathe. he was hinting that maybe the silver lining of an ostrich head buried in the sand is the darkness,
        its dreaming in great detail.
        do animals dream?

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        A dog`s dream might be interesting, but, what about a dream of a slug… I wonder if insects can dream, especially bugs that live a single day.

  2. granbee

    I really like the way you have us fully digesting the stars and all their wonder! I remember playing games with cousins in summer camp-outs where we “swallowed” the light beams from our flashlights! That would be the way I would choose to fully “take in” the starlight on a June night!


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