Hide and Seek Through Corn Fields

Flying through corn fields

on six year old legs

playing hide and seek

and being on the side of hide

only ten seconds ahead of the one who seeks

zig zagging through the stalks of corn

running as fast as a six year old can

cause the boy hated having to look for people

he didn’t mind having to hide

he just hated the seek part of hide and go seek

there’s far more fear in chasing people than being chased

no, it wasn’t the fear, it was the lack of fear, the dullness

that wore into his legs and knees

that slowed him down

that took away the thrill of the chase

when chasing not being chased

the heart rate goes down cause there’s less stress

cause you are It

you are what is feared

you are It

you are Fear itself

yet, you don’t want to be Fear or feared, you want to fear

cause it’s more fun to run from fear than to be feared

and turns out this kid likes fear

or, at least what fear does to his nervous system

carrying the boy’s stumpy little legs through the farmer’s field

in a panic not to get caught

cause it’s not the thought of getting caught that keeps him running

it’s what comes next in the game.


8 thoughts on “Hide and Seek Through Corn Fields

  1. Steven Myers

    i love it or would love it if a dog locked up at the spca
    rejected a family’s offering…
    like a pullman train steward/slave laughing inside
    as the slave master ordered him around.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      That’s a great story waiting to be written: the caged dog who rejects the owner. Do you mind if I explore this? You won’t sue me for plagiarism, will you?

      1. Steven Myers

        of course you can explore this and maybe our ongoing colloboration wil send some holy smoke up and over to drabek as he settles back into turbulence. that was a rough inning yesterday. i finaly got to see darvish pitch and he not only looks like johnny depp, but he pitches like him if we can imagine the kind of pitcher depp would be…
        zaun calls him pooh darvish because he throws so much pooh…so much junk..
        i think it’s time to annoint mr. zaun with zaunisms.
        rough day for halladay. man, the phillies road this year is well earned. no shortcuts for them.

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        Thank you, I’ll probably ripping you off in the near future. Darvish has been as advertised. Watching him at Rogers Centre last month was watching a guy through electricity that bent through the air at the batters. One of the most impressive debuts I’ve seen. And Halladay… it’s hard to watch this season. I’ve been spoiled for so long watching the guy pitch with any lead and knowing he’s going to win. Who knew the man was human after all?

  2. Steven Myers

    drew hutchinson! kawazoookeeee.
    dude, he was hitting some serious spots last night.
    keep the jays over .500..that’s my new bumper sticker!
    and keep the irony of fielder and pujols
    as no one is scared of the tigers and angels.
    and encarnacion’s home run chase is the cherry bomb.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      The Jays are starting to ramp it up. It’s great to see. And the Tigers seem toothless, but, watch these Angels, they seem to have seen the light.

  3. granbee

    I had forgotten about those days of teasing the city cousins with false calls in the cornfields! Thanks so much for all the happy memories you stirred up here. And yes, we DO love the chillbumps and the gasps and the heart-lurches of running in “fear”, don’t we? And what a perfect job of leaving us hanging in tortured expectation at the end of this poem with “what comes next.” Wonderful capture of a six-year-old scene in a corn field.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you, Rose! I am thrilled I could stir up some happy memories for you. I think any kid who had a proper childhood has memories of the fun darting through corn fields.


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