Cutting Through Time With A Diamond Drill

Doing backstrokes down streams through the sewers of memory

I see emeralds, rubies and diamonds I used to see as garbage

along the banks of the Ganges

through the smoky veil between life, death and burning flesh

I wonder how I could have thrown away such gem stones

how did I ever see them as mud?

These clumps of carbon

have hardened to diamonds

it only took three billion years

but we got there eventually

where this shrapnel of stars

became your wedding ring.


9 thoughts on “Cutting Through Time With A Diamond Drill

      1. cottonbombs Post author

        Exactly: watered down sacrifice. From Che Guevara to wearing the t-shirt with his image below the words: I have no idea who this is.

  1. granbee

    Ah, the process of crystalization–it takes place externally to our bodies and internally, as well. Our souls become precious gems as we process through the lessons of this world that our Creator has designed for us.


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