A Light Lunch of Haiku

The surf weds the sand

they love, then withdraw

wet with memory.


Your once bright spirit

I drink like fire water

from an empty glass.


Light gives in to night

they make love in the sunset

then the birth of stars.


The night is alight

to the tune of fireworks

dancing cha cha cha.


How brave is first light

to break through the night’s fortress

and set free the dawn.



7 thoughts on “A Light Lunch of Haiku

  1. granbee

    I am at the beach and sitting transfixed by the fireworks and the music reminding of “rocket’s red glare” and old lover’s rondevous and being hypnotized by the surf’s steady beating heart. And it is all your fault, Peter!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! I’m a big fan of the American National Anthem. I sing it with great gusto before every Blue Jays game up here to the raised eyebrows of my fellow Canadians. If I can get that powerful tune in your mind, then, mission accomplished!


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