Red, Yellow, Blue

How red, yellow and blue can make anything and everything

they can make plaid, even rainbows

all except black

how the absence of color makes black

how every atheist feels God just enough to declare that he doesn’t feel God

how every painting every painted

came from the inner white space

and look the same from outer space.


3 thoughts on “Red, Yellow, Blue

  1. granbee

    Sorry to inform you, dear Peter–but white is the PRESENCE of all colors! Try it with some red, yellow, and blue stage lights sometime! Anyway, I am totally enthralled by your last two lines where you speak of all paintings coming from the inner white space of us (our souls?) and looking the same from outer space (God’s perspective?)

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! Thank you for correcting me. I dashed this off a bit fast, and I got my facts confused. I have since made amends and I appreciate you calling me on it!


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