Pen v Sword

The Writer squared off with The Swordsman

The Writer came armed with a pen

The Swordsman of course had his sword

“The pen is mightier than the sword!” The Writer decreed and wrote a poem about it.

The Swordsman laughed and cut off The Writer’s head

and picked up the pen

crossed out the poem

and wrote out his grocery list

but what The Swordsman didn’t know was that The Writer

had written this very thing one day before

and this very thing would last in poetry textbooks for more than two hundred years

while the skills and kills of The Swordsman would decay to Nirvana

as the souls would come back down and try again

a few good Swordsmen came back as bad Writers

a few bad Writers came back as good Swordsmen.


5 thoughts on “Pen v Sword

  1. reader

    dear writer,do not leave me to wait for so a long time,until a new piece is posted. every morning I´m looking forward to my new colleague,this site that has a lot to do with my imagination,and a strong cup of cofee. today,you are late 🙂 reader

  2. granbee

    And you are the perfect blending of a good Swordsmen and a “super-bad” writer (as we say in rural Mississippi about anything that is astoundingly wonderful!) You wield a mean sword in cutting all of us down to size to fit into these little comment boxes, Peter! You tickle my funnybone and my cranial bone all at the same time, to write witty poems that will chop the bad guys down to size!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! Great! That’s a whole lot of tickling going on. I know all us writers are trying to prove the pen is mightier than the sword. Still, if some one comes at me with a machete, I’m a little more intimidated than if he comes at me with a ball point pen. And yet, we fight with our words. It seems like a fairer fight, doesn’t it?


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