Trapped Under a Metal Sky

I’m watching a baseball game that has lasted fifteen innings

the game shoulda ended six innings ago

or over an hour ago in real time

I love the determination of baseball

you play till someone drops

a fly ball or a pop fly

suddenly every easy out becomes a Shakespearean tragedy

the Blue Jays are taking on the Orioles under the dome

but the real battle rages between the pigeon and the roof that closes it in

what must this bird think to have flown into this stadium from a bright blue sky

only to see the clouds darken

and then the roof close

suddenly the bird looks up and the sky has turned to steel

and it’s trapped

and it didn’t even buy a ticket

poor dumb bird brain

all us ticket holders can leave the stadium any time

the unfaithful flocked out of the Rogers Centre

that used to be called the SkyDome

in the eighth inning

giving up on the comeback

but, the pigeon is less concerned with what’s happening on the field

with what’s happening to the sky

it’s shrinking

it’s turning to ceiling

it’s suddenly limited

cast in wrought iron clouds


and how the hell do I get out of here?

I can only guess what this bird must be thinking

seeing the sky stretch into metal air

and Jose Bautista hits one in the upper deck

sending us all home

except the pigeon

who sees 20,000 people make a mass exodus

leaving the pigeon alone in the dark

the darkness helps

suddenly with the stadium lights off the light of the stars and the light of the city

shine through the corners where the dome’s roof lets the sky in

the pigeon follows this light right up through to the limitless night.


9 thoughts on “Trapped Under a Metal Sky

  1. granbee

    May we be so oblivious to the “madding crows” as to wait to find the lights from above, Peter! Wonderful, wonderful lessons in this very fast-paced poem. I know how much you enjoy baseball and think you should use its metaphor more often, especially now with the season swinging into summer. I can smell the hotdogs and popcorn on your keyboard sizzling away in the heat!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! I’m curious if you are a fan of baseball? Watching a game for three, four, sometimes, five hours is a bit ridiculous, but, at least it’s not cricket. That game takes up to five days. They don’t play six, cause, that would be ridiculous.

  2. bellesogni

    I really like this one.
    It stays with me.
    Sometimes you have to wait for total darkness to see the light.
    There’s a lot of levels here.
    Really good cottonbombs – so apropo!


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