I Wonder Why I Wonder Why

I wonder why

I wonder why

now I’m chasing my tail

no idea what I’ll do if I grab it

like my grandma told me

if you can pour salt on a rabbit’s tail you can catch it

now I’m running with salt

but those rabbits run fast

faster than the thoughts that get caught

that get salted on the screen

even if they’re not thoughts at all

but sounds strung together never seen

like doe ray me

I’m singing in silence

until you read me

now we’re dancing


thank you for this chance to dance.


I wonder why

I wonder why

a question that seemed so wry

at the start of this

now thrown awry

like tossing a pebble in to sky

and scaring off a flight of pigeons

as the rock sinks within

and waits like a sliver to be pushed out

of the water’s skin

only to be thrown in again.


4 thoughts on “I Wonder Why I Wonder Why

  1. granbee

    No WAY are you singing in silence, Peter. This post about chasing a rabbit and salting its tail and skipping pebbles on the water reminded me of my little dacshund boy’s ill-advised chasing of a rabbit through the yard of to much larger dogs–and then him taking refuge from their fangs in the outlet of a nearby pond. He knew his Mommy was coming with a very BIG stick after those two mean dogs, who suddenly lost all their “salt” and skipped off like pebbles on water over the field back to their own house! PERHAPS (let us not assume that little dog will stop asking “why”) he will listen when I tell him he is much safer in his own yard with his own large-dog guardians! See anything of yourself in all of this, Peter? (tee,hee!)


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