Haikus Gone Wild

I have finally

been released from the sane bin

on good behavior.


My hand takes over

demanding get back to work

even if haiku.


The great test of life

is multiple choice. Answer:

all of the above.


Poems filled of nature

made from the pulp of dead trees

blossom on paper.


Proves life after death

this world stages an encore

Winter bows to Spring.


Your eyes feed me mine

the poem thanked its dear reader

took a bow and left.



19 thoughts on “Haikus Gone Wild

      1. Steven Myers

        but ya know who might known shakesbear is jim brosnan. that guy kept classics in his baseball locker and then wrote a couple of his own..

  1. granbee

    How wonderful to be released from the sentence of sanity, if this is the haiku result, Peter! My fingertips just danced along with you through these lines. Great to see you light-hearted!

      1. Steven Myers

        i picked up a paperback 1 dollar copy from st. marys hospital..
        and read parts here and there.
        big teddy bear of a man alot softer on the inside of course.

      2. Steven Myers

        i’ll read it some more, always in bits, beginning on page 76 or whatever and jumping around,
        but i’m going to cover to cover this time.

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