Paddleboating on the Sea of Tranquility

Doing backstrokes down the stream of consciousness

getting tangled in an eddy and jumping in

to find the water is not a stream but a time machine

taking me to places

I thought I’d never been

but here I am tomorrow

swirling in pools of liquified thoughts that bubble up like Old Faithful

shooting off every forty-two minutes and stinking like sulfur

welcome to the depths of my mind

I wish I wasn’t so shallow

and didn’t have to resort to jumping overboard

to chase my inspiration down the rabbit hole

that I was steady at the helm

steering us expertly through the shoals and shallows

of a stream that picks up steam

into a river that carries all the way to an ocean that could drown the moon

the sea of tranquility is not above me but all around me inside me

I paddle boat across to get to the lip of the sea

look down and see the earth that looks so small it must be written in the lower case

and I know if the blue earth can be so small how big a blue whale

and I feel big cause I feel so small

all my problems are small

all my worries aren’t worth the pebble I pick up to skip across the skin of the sea.


4 thoughts on “Paddleboating on the Sea of Tranquility

  1. Betty Hayes Albright

    Oh Peter, I have so much catching up to do with your blog! I’ve missed reading your words. (Life has been full of interruptions lately.)
    ANYway, I enjoyed this poem – and your images are great – “lip of the sea” and “skin of the sea” – I love these! And don’t we all sometimes have to chase that inspiration down the rabbit hole – it’s rarely to be found in the shallows.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Betty! Thank you. I am sure you are familiar with chasing these rabbits of thoughts. My Grandma told me if I pour salt on a rabbit’s tail I can catch it. I’m jumping down these holes, shaker of salt in hand.


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