Random Echo

This cosmos is playful

disguising itself as gods and chaos

still these canyon walls always echo

what I shout at it.

I’ll start believing in the chaos theory

when my shout, “Hello!”

comes back as, “Stop shouting at me!”

One plus one always equals two

though I heard a rumor that someone said it was three

unless you’re talking two conceiving three

as in making babies

I’ll trust my abacus

to count beads one two three.

Still there are mysteries

that lie inside me

answers like the spoken word

never to be seen

I don’t need to see the tree to know that it’s there

while I lie under its shadow

like I don’t need to see the breeze to feel her there

while I hide my soul in her shadow

while I try to breathe under water

I don’t need to believe that I can’t breathe

with my lungs filling with water

my feet are in control

kicking madly

til I just stand up

and realize

I was drowning

in a bath tub.

And when I rise

I take in as much air as my lungs can take

cause though I don’t see what I need

I know how to breathe.


4 thoughts on “Random Echo

  1. granbee

    Starting out shouting at the cosmos and ending by giving implied thanks for being able to breath: perfect reflection of our human tendency to fret and worry over the cosmic mysteries and finally realizing we just need to be in joy over every simple breath!


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