Beware of Oncoming Horizon

Few walk up escalators

most choose to stand

adjust their reflections in the mirror

talk behind them to their friends

or stare straight ahead to where this is all going

the end

the top of the escalator

where awaits a travel agency

the window horizon inches closer

as the escalator treadmill folds in on itself

and stairs disappear one at a time at the top

the karma of the escalator

the dharma of the mall

sometimes we need time like a penny needs oxygen

and sometimes we need time like a junkie needs heroin

mainlining minutes like they are hours

they’re certainly not ours any more

they’re rotten

like the domes of cathedrals

the wind and the rain having painted the copper green

in the pictures of Europe on the travel agency’s window

getting closer and closer

though I get no closer to Europe

cause when I reach the top of this escalator

I turn right to get on another escalator to go up to the next floor.


8 thoughts on “Beware of Oncoming Horizon

    1. Steven Myers

      oh and forget to mention
      how great that title is!
      reminds me so much of the way soldiers describe(d) korea
      during the war one hill to climb after another
      with celebrations nothing but a long minute…more work to do.

      1. cottonbombs Post author

        I never thought of the Korean War when I titled this, but maybe somewhere at the back of my imagination maybe I did. I appreciate your comment. It opens up new battle ground that I left vulnerable.

  1. granbee

    No closer to Europe or to any windows for a better view of your world, either! No matter whether you turned right or left, you still need to find a better vantage point than the top of yet another escalator! Get off! Find some light! Look out at the world!


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