The Taste of Beer

Why must life be bittersweet?

you ask me between sips of beer.

I don’t even know my feet

but this much I did hear:

think of life as a song

you can’t listen to the same note too long.

Music needs flats and sharps

sometimes horns, sometimes harps.

Devour life, this movable feast

love the north, west, south and east.

Alone, salt and pepper we’d never eat

but look how they spice up the meat.

See the forest in the tree

and the roots on which she feeds

a tree at her most beautiful

wearing this death mask of fall.


17 thoughts on “The Taste of Beer

      1. Steven Myers

        funny thing about pepper was that when you hit one over the fielder’s heads, you’re out
        and if you hit a line drive or fly ball right to’re out
        with the only way to keep batting was
        a continuous rhythm of ground balls cleanly fielded and tossed back to the batter
        and i say was because they’ve banned pepper all across the land….what a bummer.

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        That’s right, ‘No pepper games’ has been tattooed upon all major league ballparks like a moral code. I wonder what pepper ever did to the big leagues or its fans.

      3. Steven Myers

        they say too many line drives threatened the security of fans…innocent bystanders…busy texting and cell phoning and not jockeying for a position to catch a foul ball or pepper ball.
        instead of banning pepper, they could have put up a sign….”pay attention.”

      4. cottonbombs Post author

        I’ve always wondered why even modern parks still insist on putting up “No pepper” signs behind home plate. I’ve never seen major leaguers play pepper ever. Your sign would be a cure to a lot that ails fans in Toronto. We’ve got a good team here, but lousy fans.

      5. Steven Myers

        you’ve talked before about japanese fans and their enthusiasm. maybe teams should hire kyoto fans, sign them to nice contracts…one year with a room inside rogers centre included.

      6. cottonbombs Post author

        You`ve got a good idea. You know the place could use a shot in the arm when they still need to post: MAKE SOME NOISE to a house full of 50,000 people.

      7. Steven Myers

        it does often feels like harrassment when the public address announcer starts making suggestions or at the airport, they’re always telling us where to stand. maybe it’s in the way of japanese ordered society versus the western shmorgesborg, but chaos does seem to result in megaphones.

      8. cottonbombs Post author

        We’ll see if Toronto is told to MAKE SOME NOISE this Monday night as Darvish is scheduled to pitch here. Did you see his last game against the Yankees? He’s getting good fast.

      9. Steven Myers

        i didn’t see it, but i’ll be yu tuned on monday.
        thanks for letting me know and hey, you were right about him being a different beast than dice k,
        so far anyway…..but we’ll see on the second go round after the batters have his arsenal stored in their applications.

      10. cottonbombs Post author

        I’ve got a weekend of Japanese baseball coming up. Tonight, tomorrow I’ll see Ichiro, and Monday Yu Darvish. Who needs the Tokyo Dome, when I got the Old Skydome?

  1. granbee

    Dear Peter, what a fresh face you put on the age-old idea of Ying and Yang! The Light Side of the Force must have the Dark Side to reveal it! Bitter and sweet–both required for balance and proper seasoning (double entendre intended!)

  2. Joana Guiro

    Hey Peter! I’ve just seen it these days and i liked it a lot:
    “Without the bitter, the sweet ain’t as sweet”
    it reminded me right off the bat of what you said in here!


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