Without Within

Our souls could bust out

conquer the earth

sing the praises of heaven

if it wasn’t for our skin that keeps them in

muting the song of Solomon

so our transmission is lost in the white noise of scribbling pens

and the pushing of buttons

against the complexion of the horizon

attempting to paint a sunset against a page

with mere words

leaving us without within

knowing all the experience in this world

cannot replicate youth

and a shy sky blushes at the death of day

leaving no scar behind on this night’s sky

to tell of lessons learned

or the clouds that passed by

hieroglyphics we never learned to read

the blessings of our curses

tying a noose around the neck of time

time handcuffs our wrists

watching watches wind round enough times to catch up with time

while losing time we never had

Time’s a fall down drunk that still will be ugly in the morning

forgetting life is terminal

knowing every adjective is relative

and even some nouns and family members

it’s the ephemeral sensitivity of ice that gives it true beauty

the tragedy of each sunset silenced by stars

an ice sculpture bleeding to death in this warm Spring’s eve

shattering to the sidewalk

scattering like supernovas

soon mere puddles will drown entire galaxies

the cruelty of Spring.


13 thoughts on “Without Within

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Right, the one wise old squirrel that saves up one acorn a day starting now compared to that last minute shopper squirrel who finds it’s the end of October and snow is a day away and now it’s time to start squirreling away the acorns.

  1. reader

    obstacle is – language. I don´t understand some of fine nuances of English – this is a reason of my question – why “THE CRUELTY OF SPRING” ?

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      I think your writing is pretty nuanced. Your reading must be, too. Remember: this site has a lot to do with your imagination. Please, you tell me.

  2. reader

    Right, “it´s the ephemeral sensitivity of ice that gives it true beauty” , these words impressed me most,while reading the poem several times. I didn´t browse through the words looking for the meaning of “Without Within”,excuse me,I think you are the only,who knows exactly. So, I just read and got carried away by feelings. S.t.like silk on skin,smooth but cooling…
    I whisper something – you know,my best friend on the Internet is Google Translat currently :-).
    Every word I need to translate or check the meaning ( nuances ),I “re-translate”. Sometimes results are pretty funny. Linguists have done test a few years ago – re-version of ” out of sight,out of mind” ( my native / German ) and the result was ” Blind Fool”. You see,my task is very difficult…

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      I think you are doing very well reading/writing in a foreign language. I thank you for applying your linguistic skills here. And like the top right corner says: The site has a lot to do with your imagination- meaning, I expect you, the reader to do most of the work.

  3. reader

    just one note… rarely something makes me working on English,your texts do…so I add ” watching watches wind round enough times to catch up with time,while losing time we never had” is one of your best…

  4. granbee

    Oh, but Peter! How wonderful it is to share here our soul’s attempts to transmit through buttons and wires and cyberspace the cruelties of spring in melting the blockages in our hearts and making us thrum in response to all the yearnings of all the souls out there.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! Isn’t that the fun we are allowed to have here in cyberspace, the ability to make anything come true just by pushing some buttons and writing it as true? Sometimes I feel like my own avatar.


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