When Robots Apologize

The subway is always running late in Toronto

The Toronto Transit Commission is always apologizing to its customers

so much so that they just push a button and the apology is prerecorded

an apology means a lot

coming from a robot.

Pushing buttons

channel surfing emotions

the winds of my moods shift

carrying me from tsunami alerts in Indonesia on the Weather Channel

to some kind of awards show

the award is as much about the presenter as the winner

as though the awarder shows that he is even bigger than the winner

for it is he who has the power to give such an award to such a lowly winner

if the presentation of an award show had been painted on the Sistine Chapel

God would be handing Adam a Grammy.


17 thoughts on “When Robots Apologize

      1. adurnablue

        lol, so do I maybe you weren’t connected right on God’s assembly line, so thing that should inflate, don’t and things that shouldn’t be affected do?

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        You might be right. For all issues regarding birth defects, I invite you to take it up with my maker. He can be reached most days at this number:

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Louise! I think all us writers working round the clock for eternity still wouldn’t truly catch all that slips through our fingers. Like holding water. Still, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, right?

      1. Steven Myers

        you rocked em’ off center like earl weaver never heard of a star and never used a pen to fill out the lineup card….he only knew today where all 25 need to be ready.

  1. granbee

    Love your button pushing fantasies! You have been pushing my buttons for months here in Blogville–and I award you the Magic Button Award, only I’m stretching to reach UP to you on that rickety ladder you insist upon carrying to disengage those high wires all those TV folk traipse around on.


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