Weeping for Dinosaurs

Still, who weeps for the dinosaurs?

It’s a good thing they died

if they were here, they’d eat us alive every time we stepped outside.

They exact their Montezuma’s revenge

as the gas belching out our gas pipes

we’re powered by the same thing that kills us

I’m just saying, I’m not complaining

I’d be a fool to complain

worse, a hypocrite

cause at least the fool is innocent he is a fool

the hypocrite is devious.

I’ll start complaining the day I stop taking the bus

and start walking to work.

It’d take one day to save the world, tops.

I better leave now.


10 thoughts on “Weeping for Dinosaurs

  1. Steven Myers

    i love the dinosaur’s revenge, but was never clear if they ever really existed
    or were invented by darwin’s gang to eiminate the idea of magic in the universe.
    either way, when sea sea gulls drop shit on people’s heads,
    i can’t help but slide one more abacus bead for dinosaurs of the flying variety
    because that shit is toxic since they eat everything..stomachs of steel.

    i’ve heard that the chance for humans to fly is directly proportion in a negative way
    to the amount of hours they spend on cars, buses, planes, motorcycles, bikes.
    or anything that moves faster than 3 mph and requires focus.
    i guess that eliminates horses too,
    but walking definitely increases the odds and its always better to do on grass.
    that frickin cement messes with spines.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Darwin so often gets a bad rap, but, I don’t get why. To me, Darwin is only making God’s plan a little easier to understand, pointing out patterns in this chaos we call cosmos. And it’s funny you mention bird shit, cause I’ve been working on a short story where bird shit plays a part. It’s like we’re reading from the same tea leaves or bird shit. What you read about hours spent on lower means of transportation sounds right to me. How can reach Mars when you’re still shooting for the moon?

      1. Steven Myers

        well, i don’t think darwin encountered any dinosaurs on his beagle paddle boat ride.
        dinosaurs were invented by the same archaelogists who launched barney
        the purple dinosaur designed to send kids to anger management sessions
        later in life and turn synthetic medictions into a golden stock.
        these evil mergers between pharmaceutical companies-archaelogists-and evolutionists
        are something else.

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        I hear the Galapagos Islands have several kinds of animals living there, but, no dinosaurs. It’s good someone is keeping an eye on the archaeologists. That Heinrich von Schliemann was a shifty bastard. That cat would plant anything anywhere and pretend to discover it all in the name of progress to the ancient era.

      3. cottonbombs Post author

        If you haven’t, you should stitch this line into a poem. Thank you for burying it here. I hope people dig it up and call it the Mask of Agamemnon.

  2. granbee

    Peter, my son, when he was about 5, actually did weep for the dinosaurs all getting done in by that meteor strike that ended up killing off all their food sources. WALK–do NOT ride the bus!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! Your son is wonderfully sensitive. I am walking while typing this to you. I do not have to convince you of the hope and potential in us all. Your son is the apple and you are the tree.


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