Haiku 6 Pack

This beauty of youth

like the first breath of sunrise

is burnt by high noon.


Science gave us bombs

it also gave us aspirin

this toxic tonic.


These last swirls of light

afraid to give in to night

cling to the west wind.


This drunken midnight

where the shadow takes control

leading me back home.


This flicker of flame

shivers in the night’s back draft

as she shuts the door.


This time narcotic

speeds right through the veins of youth

while it stones the old.



6 thoughts on “Haiku 6 Pack

  1. Steven Myers

    i was ready to reply after reading the title,
    but i managed to hold my fingers.
    haiku 6 pack ..i love that like a zen big mac
    where meditation and drunk foolishness mix so well
    and that first one keeps it real
    like houdini accepting the chains.
    i also like those shadows that took you back home.
    they sound like guiding spirits.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Louise! Haiku beer, sounds light and refreshing. There’s a beer in Brazil: Brahma. Brahma is the Hindu god of creation. Weird name for a beer, don’t you think? It should be called: Shiva beer: beer of destruction.


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