Hi Ku 4 U

Haikus of nature

made from the pulp of dead trees

blossom on paper.


From my art teacher:

outline your lines so boldly

color in lightly.


Picture the painter

abstracting from his own world

lost adrift canvass.


This miracle bean

squeezed for all its worth

gives my day new life.


Cigarette remains

two crushed butts, one lipstick stained

smoked souls drift away.


These relentless waves

reach the other side, withdraw

for the distant shore.


Sun rises and falls

giving sun tans and sun burns

all in the same day.


Attracted to warmth

we’re like moths to the porch light

feeding off the sun.


Night hides puddles depth

determined to see right through

the boy squints his eyes.



2 thoughts on “Hi Ku 4 U

  1. granbee

    The painter haiku, the coffee bean haiku, and the night haiku are my favorites here. If I may say so, me thinks your soul was just a little more in direct control with those three. Your wonderful skill took care of the rest! Figure that one out, if you dare!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! I always enjoy your comments and your challenges. I dare! I dare! You might be right about my soul being in control, but, I will never know. I just wrote them.


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