Industrial Revolution

The breeze blows through the dried branches that moan at the weight of the wind

the leaves have long left

leaving the branches naked to the winter howl

that has lost its teeth this March

in like a lion out like a lamb

now should read:

in like a lamb out like a sausage

as the Industrial Revolution has made processed meat of us all

this is not Global Warming

this is a picnic in March

let’s make the most of it

when it used to snow

we used to make snow angels

now we make dirt devils

plug in the little suckers

and get them to suck up all the dust and dirt

we are so clean we’re filthy

now there may not be mud on the floor

now there’s vampire clouds in the sky

making our blood suck with too many white blood cells

like little sharks, great whites, devouring us inside out

while the sun weeps sunbeams on us all

the sun sees even in the shadows

the great torch

handed down to us by God Himself

scorches our hands

so we wear oven mitts to take hold of it

then we turn it into microwaves

and nuke our food

like the hotdog is Hiroshima itself.

We’ve come a long way, technology

while the great irony is

we’d go even further without it

farther, no, a plane covers more ground than a pair of feet

but planes can crash, feet can trip

the damage is measured in the distance of feet

Icarus learned this the hard way

though the Greeks got it wrong

the wings would have frozen before they burned at that height

still, the calamity, the mortality is equally risky

and we must watch like Daedalus

as his son, his wings, his creation

come tumbling down from the sky.


6 thoughts on “Industrial Revolution

  1. granbee

    Peter, you knocked this one out of TWO ballparks, not just one! Best thing you have written and posted here since I found your blog! No kidding, big guy!

  2. Betty Hayes Albright

    A very thoughtful, provocative poem, Peter – which makes me resonate with all the ironies and paradoxes you’ve brought up about this modern technology and “improvements”. Indeed, “we’d go even further without it” !! So true. Thank you, Peter – I really love this one.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Betty! This was written by a guy who doesn`t even have a cell phone, so what do I know, but, yeah, the death of the abacus was the life of laziness, or something.

  3. Louise Jaques

    The fall of Icarus is a painting I remember being absorbed in one day – I’m not sure if that’s the name of it. “The wings would have frozen” line is golden.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Louise! I am not sure which Fall of Icarus you mean. I love the one by Jacob Peter Gowy. Have you seen this one? I find it terrifying. Jacob Peter Gowy The Fall of Icarus 1650


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