The Nightmares Of A Day Old Baby

We are blessed to forget this curse

of our birth

or worse

the mortal shock of resting in our little womb

to suddenly have the walls come tearing open doom

yanked into this room via Caesarean section

knives brought Caesar in to this world

and knives took him out.

How much we all must fear this

life as we are pulled kicking and screaming into it.

Next step death

which we all hope to slip in to in our sleep

cause we didn’t get that luxury at birth

and now with death we play hide-and-seek.

Still, here we are with our eyes open wide

peering in to a darkness we forget we tried.

We are the nightmares of a baby’s first night

drawn from the fantasy

of awaking to light.


6 thoughts on “The Nightmares Of A Day Old Baby

  1. Steven Myers

    wow, that’s some double pointed knife of life as a hoe to clear our path and be our assassin.
    this is excellent!
    it turns freud’s whining about “returning to the womb” into a samurai warrior.

  2. granbee

    How very right you are, Peter–we still see with day-old eyes so very much of our lives–and the lives of those around us! Very strong poem here, reminding us of our failings in ways which we should heed!


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