Demons In The Machines

Lost in the demons of technology

these ghosts in the machines

that can never be exorcised

no matter how much we pray

or pound the pound key

no matter how much we hit delete

the demons are within us

calling us to text our friend

while face to face with another friend

is the same force

getting us to push the button next to the bus driver

instead of asking him to stop at the next stop

a world where Guitar Hero is played more than the guitar

drugs, booze, cigarettes, coffee, masturbation, instant gratification

always on the menu

these ghosts in the machines

get into you like they get into me

and we’re the reverse of Frankenstein

and it’s the monster that reanimates the man.


6 thoughts on “Demons In The Machines

  1. Louise Jaques

    Trapped by machines, liberated by machines, enabled, disabled, connected and alone. Contradictions abound but you have made poetry of them! (Sorry for my shameful lack of activity here lately, have had a few unexpected twists in my life that have left me with precious few hours to blog.) But you are as ever consistently brilliant and prolific!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Louise! I hope these twists in your life have taken you to great and exciting places. “Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God,” wrote Vonnegut. I hope you are dancing with your shadow.


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