The Recipe For The Modern Society

We make the news as much as the news makes itself.

If nobody cared, it would never make the air.

When everybody cares, they’d never take it off the air.

Look at the news

stare at the headlines

cast your eye on the

catch of the day

and see yourself

looking back at yourself

as 150,000 dead in Asia.

A hiccup of the Tao we call


Tectonic plates folding in on themselves

geological origami

though we see the story not the honesty of the reality that the earth is a living being

breathing us in and spitting us out

a universe of meaning.

Then, rape in Etobicoke

shooting in Scarborough

suicide bombing in Baghdad

tucked between ads for Bad Boy electronics.

Can we take anything seriously

when we see these things sponsored by companies profiteering from such


Add the funny pages, horoscopes, and stabs at predicting the weather and you have the

recipe for modern



8 thoughts on “The Recipe For The Modern Society

  1. Steven Myers

    what deconstruct of this entire sponsor-ship trip!
    and what brillant words for divine destruction…”hiccup of the Tao” and “geological origami”
    i can’t help wondering if an organization is behind some tragedys.
    but then a bartlett bush sr. quote keeps me laughing ,
    “we’ll find the purpetrators of this hurricane and bring them to justice.”

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      I read you about the organization behind some tragedies. Who paid off Old Man Winter this year? It’s hard to enjoy such great weather when you fear what it means.

  2. granbee

    And all of the bad news “tucked between ads for Bad Boy electronics”–you have our number BIG TIME, Peter. And you are so very correct about this mild winter being a cause for great concern!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! Thank you, always for your comments. I am having a hard time accepting such a mild Canadian winter, because, we are not supposed to have mild Canadian winters. I’m doing my best to forget the fact that the world is warming up and simply enjoy my picnic in February.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Betty! I am happy you liked the sadness in this poem. And you know how it is when writing: it’s hard to take credit for the good lines, cause you never thought of them in the first place. They thought of you.

      1. Betty Hayes Albright

        Great way of putting it – “They thought of you”! Not sure that’s true in your case (you’re just naturally clever 🙂 ) but it’s true with me much of the time – especially with the Mayberrie’ poems. 🙂

      2. cottonbombs Post author

        Betty! I appreciate the compliment, but, I know at my best I surprise myself, which tells me, we are all just guessing at this writing stuff. We play God as writers, but, we should never forget who plays whom.

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