To Be Two

She hides beneath the covers

as though they could protect her

from the monsters under her bed.

Luckily she’s two

and too young to know

that these monsters

will find you

one way or another.

When you’re two

anything is possible

except this capacity to express this

wonderlust coupled with this naivety

that the universe could keep up with the creativity

of a two year old.

There is a genius in childhood

that we’ll never remember

no matter how hard we try to practice

the gift of innocence

is always taken back from us

and we spend the rest of our lives thinking we’ve sinned



we just learned the lesson

that some lessons are best left unlearned.


4 thoughts on “To Be Two

  1. granbee

    A new twist on the concept of “childhood innocence”, to say that it consists of not having learned to “leave well enough alone.” But what about exploration, discovery, invention? Well, a lot of those activities are rather explosive and risky, yes they are! Excellent post, good line length choices here, Peter!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! Of course I am a big fan of discovery and invention, but, sometimes, as you mention, there are risks involved. I am just playing with the stakes a little bit to create a bit of drama. I am a fan of drama, too.


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