Title These Haiku Yourself

Turn on this laptop

your smile is my screen savor

electric sunrise.


I can’t paint this sky

these rain clouds are too heavy

to be held by eyes.


Talk of after life

talk about rain tomorrow

I’m no weather man.


To see inside me

the beauty in an ashtray

the x-ray of smoke.


Had I married you

I’d hate you for loving me

what are you, crazy?


Chocolate fondu

you dip all your words in to

such delicious lies.


I have no book mark

so I dogear each corner

I violently read.


The poor early worm

he got up before the bird

look what good it did.


Creation needs filth

nothing grew from a clean floor

manure works best.


In time we will learn

nothing can last forever

even forever.


7 thoughts on “Title These Haiku Yourself

  1. namelessneed

    when you do these bouquet full O’ Haiku, they’re usually action packed/I like ’em but
    I always think, he should break these up, maybe start his stories with ’em,. (because they make me ponder THEN there’s another one real quick in another direction)
    thanx again for sharing

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you for the feedback. I read you about the misdirection and inconsistencies of the haikus. As a junk ball pitcher, I am not afraid of tossing curveball after curveball. Though, as a reader, you might be wondering why you’re taking batting practice when you just signed up to read some haiku, but, that’s just what a junk ball pitcher has to do, keep you off balance. I do appreciate the suggestion to maybe open a story with a haiku.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      I like your title. It fits. ‘Workaholic.’ Thank you for doing my work for me. It is so much easier to leave the hard work, like titling to the reader. I appreciate that you did the heavy lifting here.

  2. granbee

    Well, Peter, yet another huge insight into what makes you tick! Speaking of ticks, “time” is strictly artificial and man-made, you realize! WHY are you so down on yourself? Do NOT answer that in haiku!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! I am surprised I came across as down. I feel up. Yes, I agree, time is artificial and man made. Right now I am looking at the clock and I reject that it says 2a.m. If it was truly 2 a.m. then it would be past my bedtime, and I told you I feel up.


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