What The Night Unmasked

Even light has weight

as fire devours all it touches

scorches irony both ways

and shines like impossible stars through the lost night

right before our eyes


our grammar of metaphor and folklore

telling us everything we’ve ever known before, ever asked for

still sleeping awaking not knowing any more

everything the night

ever unmasked.

I point out Sagittarius

you say you still don’t see it

it’s so simple, it’s right there, I see it every night

because it’s mine.

You wanna remember a song or a constellation off by heart

the words and the stars must have more weight than sound of art

like light tanning the skin you leave nude

it’s all invisible till it touches you.


4 thoughts on “What The Night Unmasked

  1. granbee

    How very true that any light is invisible to us until it touches our hearts and souls. Otherwise, it is not really light but just a different shade of some color on a flat painted sky canvas.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! You know, it is called experience. I learned more in four months with a backpack in Asia than four years with a binder at university. You know this, even if you haven’t been to Asia. Or maybe you are in Asia right now smiling knowing you have both the knowledge and experience to know exactly what I mean. Wherever you are, Rose, I hope it is exactly where you want to be. And thanks for sharing with me!


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