This Is Not This Poem’s Title (This Is)

Do you know the maps are all wrong?

Maps of the world we use to teach our kids, ourselves

what the world looks like

and we make Greenland look the size of Africa, though, Greenland is

one-eighth the size of Africa

and we make Europe the size of South America

when South America could swallow Europe

and who’s making these maps up?

Like the British called themselves Upper Canada and labelled the French Lower Canada

geography is all in the marketing.



2 thoughts on “This Is Not This Poem’s Title (This Is)

  1. granbee

    As is the geography of our minds, our hearts, and our souls, not to mention those big feet of mine, Peter. Perspective, balance, fine-tuning (not to mention harmony) are abilities and qualities still lacking today in geography (just check out the reports on U.N. debates, for one thing) of the glove and in our own internal measurements. By the way, did you see where I left my new self-retracting tape measure?


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