Creating Constellations

Imposing order like grammar

so each word must have relation to the last word

nothing is floating freely

seeing chaos as cosmos

connecting dots between the stars

creating constellations in the dark

binding man and woman together in pairs

bursting into supernovas

the night hides her eyes

from the leer of the sun

so that even the clouds slide across the sky

in blind patterns

as secret shapes

never to be seen in the night

the stars aren’t above you

if you’re looking down on the science

that could be God

as much as it could be mixed chemical emotions

relinquishing power

subsiding to the other

becoming something greater than they were

losing identity

by mingling with foreign bodies

or maybe God’s just playing with you

have you ever read your Hindu? or Voodoo?

God can be very playful

and who are you to call the divine, science?

These sciences deceive me

my one to your two is three

only in theory

in practice I get zero

so do you, but

do you care?

Scars on your arm mean nothing

when you don’t know where you got them.


6 thoughts on “Creating Constellations

  1. Jane Thorne

    Hello Peter, it was ‘the stars aren’t above you, if you are looking down on the science’ that really caught me and the one with two – three? No, zero really…I really like this one – Jane

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you, but I’m ripping off Nietzsche: “As long as you still feel the stars as being something over you you still lack the eye of the man of knowledge.”

  2. granbee

    Peter, I really like the way you use traditional academic disciplines like math, grammar, and science to poke and prod at us about how confused and ridiculous we are often are when discussing the mysteries of Creation! I particularly like this part:
    “relinquishing power
    subsiding to the other
    becoming something greater than they were
    losing identity”

    I really think this is what happens when the heart and soul take over from the body and brain! None of the above academic studies apply here.


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