Mother Ganga Takes The Leap To Believe In Us

If I could take all the incense out of India

all the smoke from all the fires lighting the banks of the Ganges

and all the souls that feed and are freed from all the flames

soak them all into my fingertips bleed them through pen tips

write this night with the ink of the Ganges

as she fell like rain

a leap of faith she took from heaven to the earth below

and if I could catch that breath Mother Ganga took just before she bellowed, “Geronimo!”

and breathe it back out onto this page

free from its cage

turning smoke and water in to poetry

I could show you love making out with rage

the taste of this night

that fades into light

the living burning the dead

to live again

and come back as rain.


8 thoughts on “Mother Ganga Takes The Leap To Believe In Us

  1. granbee

    Peter, these are my favorite lines here:
    “turning smoke and water in to poetry
    I could show you love making out with rage”

    That smoke does go up, acts as catalyst for collection of evaporated water from the earth (some very near those fires), and does come back down as rain (maybe slightly dirty, you think?). This is a wonderful metaphor for our thoughts evaporating up into the air, collecting around the smoke from the heat of our desires, and coming back down to water others, spreading the love, right?

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Rose! I can’t argue with your insightful interpretation. I’m a sucker for the Ganges, and I am gratified that my passion for it could provoke such an idea within you.

  2. Louise Jaques

    Have you spent any time in India Peter? Surely you must have, because you paint the picture for me as if you were sitting on the Ganges when writing this. Absolutely wonderful.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Louise! Don’t get me started on my love of India. I spent 3 years wandering Asia. I hit a dozen different countries, but all my best stories, poems and inspiration come from India. You mentioned over on your site about your lack of Eastern writers. It was Salinger who pointed the compass to The Way of The Tao, The I Ching haiku, which lead me over there. One of my happiest memories is playing cricket about to bowl holding a tennis ball that had just been fished out of the Ganges that caused a half-out to any batsman who knocked it in, thinking: perfect.

  3. Adrian

    this is the first time I read about you and your inner experiences. The way i found you is an unusual person, Guffo, from whom i love the way he look and search life meaning. The way he draw you motivate to search your web site and i confirmed that is really nice. As you can see my english is not good but i will try to do my best for comprehending your readings, of course this is a good motivation. Nice to meet you from mexico! I asked me why you love Benares, is perhaps the people or the place?
    Best regards!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Hello, Adrian! Thank you for your interest. Why do I love Benares, or Kashi, or Varanasi as I know it? That’s my favorite question of the day. Sure, it is the people. Sure, it is the place. Sure it is the place where I saw the people take care of death as a step of life and not make it morbid like we like to do over on this side of the ocean. Sure it is the smell of the smoke and curry in the air. Sure it is the cricket played along the banks of Mother Ganga. And sure it is The Ganges herself that flows so peacefully past all the lives she will eventually save as sure as this city gave me peace I had never before found.


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