Where There’s There

Where there’s there there’s here

right here write there

here we go to go where

there becomes here.

When all is said and done

silence becomes a pun.

Now what?

When more becomes too much then only less is enough.

When knowing nothing is absolute to knowing everything

you realize math is tough.

Falling somewhere in between as we do in this ocean so wide

makes us try to make it to the other side.


10 thoughts on “Where There’s There

  1. elisa

    If you wrote it, you felt it. If you felt it, you got it. I feel it all.
    Where’s the need of explanations about something that’s much better when you feel than when you “understand”? Why do we seek for words and math when we’re talking about beauty? Now, I don’t get it.

  2. Betty Hayes Albright

    I love this, Peter… “When all is said and done / silence becomes a pun”! I like how your poetic mind works – this most definitely came from the right side of your brain, methinks. It’s a poem to be intuited (and I am into intuitive poetry!)

    1. cottonbombs

      Betty! I’m happy if anyone reads anything into any poem of mine, but, I might have left this one especially up in the air, to see what lands in others’ fields of thought.

  3. planaquarium

    “falling somewhere in between” – perfectly described my mood these days. Thanks for articulating so perfectly what I’ve been unable to describe.

    1. cottonbombs

      Maybe it’s this mid-winter daze that gets in us that makes us feel this way. And it is my pleasure to serve in any way as a medium to you and your feelings, planaquarium. I am sure from the depth of your well of poetry, you are able to find what it means to be half lost.

  4. Louise Jaques

    Ohh Peter, this one made my head hurt! One of your most challenging pieces. I feel slightly ignorant as I’m not sure I grasped the message. Nonetheless, I find it very clever.

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Louise! I might be full of shit here, you tell me. Do not let some random splattering of words make you feel ignorant. I know what I think I mean with everything I post, but it does not mean you have to see it the same way. I am flattered that you took the time to read and comment. And be careful of finding things that hurt your head clever. I have never had a clever headache.


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