Isn’t This A Rhetorical Question?

The only problem with writing so much so fast so soon is

that it all gets mixed in the mind like an explosion at a paint factory

and all the colors go up in smoke

and you’re writing

what you thought two weeks ago

and thinking about what you wrote two weeks ago

meaning you get lost in the midst of a sentence you don’t even remember starting.

Chronological gets illogical

and up is down and

the south beat the north.

Left to our own devices we break them.

Few have navigated themselves out of themselves.

Isn’t that the ultimate aim of all those who set down the path of self awareness

knowing themselves inside and out?

Wouldn’t that breed redundancy?

Isn’t this a rhetorical question?

8 thoughts on “Isn’t This A Rhetorical Question?

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Thank you. And, you would know, Jesse, that feeling of being held in a trance when the words take over and the fingers follow the hypnosis of the soul to direct the writer to passages they never knew were hiding within them. Isn’t that why we write, to discover ourselves? All you need to write is a pen, some paper and a flashlight.

  1. Steven Myers

    i like that the poem and your response to redplace
    read like cycles….to me anyway.
    daily cycles and encouraging ones.
    ..the gathering of all these colors
    and then trying to make sense of them or with them
    and then releasing them through words
    and then they’re gone and then it’s start over.

  2. granbee

    We know ourselves as we write out ourselves before others. In so doing, whether we revealed that particular bit of ourselves two weeks ago or one minute ago becomes irrelevant. The flow of the words from one psyche to another has a way of keeping all in order. Sort of like the washing and tumbling of rocks and organic life in a stream into the pattern that permits a “reading” of the life of that stream.


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