The Second To Last Prophet

Shias and Sunnis and splitting the prophet in half

religion sliced by the sword

a Koran bookmarked by words that are not there

words millions haven’t read but are willing to die for.

Mohammad died alone and left no will.

Like Buddha said, ‘don’t make this a religion of idols’

who are you to declare the heir

and why should you care?

The word of Allah is not about one man

but one God.

If Ali was the rightful successor

or the caliphs

means nothing to the meaning of Mohammad, who means nothing in the meaning of


6 thoughts on “The Second To Last Prophet

  1. granbee

    Prophets are not gods. Gods do not prophets make. People make idols. Gods make people. The best line here, Peter, is the one that says all the extreme terrorists waving the flag of Muslim have not read the actual Qu’ran, but just the blood soaked banners of their “leaders” who are making a lot of money out of the whole operation, you can bet your curled up toe slippers.

  2. Betty Hayes Albright

    I like what Granbee said. And you’re right – the idea the existence of god “is not a mistake of the people” – but some of the people’s understandings of God – and their interpretations of the writings of ancient wise (and unwise) men – are mistakes. Another thought-provoking poem, Peter!

    1. cottonbombs Post author

      Betty! I respect all religions in the sense that there is nothing on this earth that people respect more. Having read many of the texts that define these institutions, I’m left to believe that they are all singing from the same tune, except in different languages. We’re killing ourselves over punctuation. Did you know in the Bible, Abraham is told to sacrifice his son, Isaac, while in the Koran, he is told to kill his other son, Ishmael? People are willing to die over this, instead of accepting the similarity of the stories.


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